• " For the last year and a half I've been working with Ambika who's been helping me recover from the effects of a fall. Her exercises are extremely helpful and she has an impressive wealth of knowledge about the body. I recommend her most highly for anyone interested in becoming stronger."

    John Ashbery Pulitzer Prize-winning poet
  • " I am a broadway actress/singer and have done a lot of dancing and movement work in my day. I have also taught an acting technique based on gesture and movement so I know the body pretty well. Thank God I finally found Ambika! She has helped me with physical therapy for my rotator cuff tear and spinal stenosis. Before Ambika, I worked with at least four other therapists. She is terrific! Not only does she know what she’s doing but her gentle yet commanding way of leading you through the exercises makes her most effective and a pleasure to work with."

    Dorothy Emmerson Broadway actress
  • " Ambika has helped me tremendously with my walking ability and balance. In the community, I'm able to walk more efficiently with my cane and I feel safe when I cross the street. I'm a concert pianist and through my physical therapy I have been able to travel and perform outside of the country."

    Charles Rosen Concert Pianist and National Book Award-winning author of The Classical Style
  • " I've been working with Ambika for the last three months and she has been one of the best therapists I've had the opportunity to work with. She is compassionate, thoughtful, and attentive to my needs. Since doing therapy, I'm able to walk better without my cane and have increased endurance to perform my exercises."

    Amy Swerdlow Teacher, Scholar, Author, and social activist
  • " I've had the pleasure to work with Ambika for my physical therapy and she is the best I've ever worked with. Recently, I needed a new wheelchair when the wrong one was provided. Ambika immediately spoke to the doctor and addressed my need and I was issued the correct wheelchair through my insurance company. Since having physical therapy at my home it has improved my strength and flexibility in my legs and arms."

    Rita Linhart Founder of Enjoy Your Life
  • Ms. Deva has been working with me for several weeks and I find her contributions to my physical well-being very satisfactory. She has a gentle but firm manner. She has me do a variety of moves that strengthen the muscles in my lower back on one side and my shoulder muscles on the other. The spinal exercises that she has me perform have improved my sense of balance and movement. These exercises are gentle but targeted for a specific outcome. It is my impression that Ms. Deva is very well trained in her craft and fully understands the structure of human anatomy. I am very satisfied not only with her work and contributions to my sense of well-being but also with her good manners and pleasant disposition."

    Robert P
  • " I am an art collections curator managing a huge number of objects in many locations for which I formerly traveled extensively. Eleven years ago, I suffered a stroke that affected my left side. I was unable to walk and for a while, couldn't even get out of bed. That all changed three years ago when I began rehabilitation therapy with Ambika. She has made it possible for me to contemplate a full recovery. Her straightforward manner and creative problem solving skills continuously help me. Thanks to her focus and caring, my stamina and fitness have improved markedly and I'm slowly regaining my ability to walk. I highly recommend her services to anyone dealing with mobility issues due to stroke, surgery, or any other debilitating condition—she can change your life like she did mine."

    Meg Perlman