Welcome To Deva Physical Therapy

Deva Physical Therapy is a New York based health and wellness service that provides high quality rehab in the comfort of your home.

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Welcome To Deva Physical Therapy!

Deva Physical Therapy is a New York based health and wellness service that provides high quality rehab in the comfort of your home. We successfully treat various orthopedic and neurological injuries and, best of all, we come to you!

At DEVA, we realize everyone's requirements are different and constantly evolving. Our physical therapists use creative methods to diminish pain and reeducate the body's proper function by customizing a rehabilitation program around the specific needs of each patient. This includes evaluations, treatment, and education for individuals with total joint replacements, orthopedic conditions, neurological disorders, post-surgical procedures, stroke rehabilitation, or athletic injuries.

Our experienced team helps patients maintain a safe and independent lifestyle. DEVA's in-home therapy services are, above all, designed to improve the patient’s—and their family's—quality of life and capacity for success.

We now have a new outpatient center in the heart of Columbus Circle. This location will provide one on one personalized PT services in a private setting.
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What People Are Saying About Deva Physical Therapy!

  • " For the last year and a half I've been working with Ambika who's been helping me recover from the effects of a fall. Her exercises are extremely helpful and she has an impressive wealth of knowledge about the body. I recommend her most highly for anyone interested in becoming stronger."

    John Ashbery, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet
  • " I am a broadway actress/singer and have done a lot of dancing and movement work in my day. I have also taught an acting technique based on gesture and movement so I know the body pretty well. Thank God I finally found Ambika! She has helped me with physical therapy for my rotator cuff tear and spinal stenosis. Before Ambika, I worked with at least four other therapists. She is terrific! Not only does she know what she’s doing but her gentle yet commanding way of leading you through the exercises makes her most effective and a pleasure to work with."

    Dorothy Emmerson Broadway actress


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